Friends School Mullica Hill
Nicole Donnelly
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Joe O'Brien
Kathy Saia
Patti Sanderson, team leader

PLP Project Goals
Our team’s most important goal was to model and encourage the use of 21st Century skills and digital technologies. We wish to support our teachers in the implementation of the Web 2.0 tools in their classroom by providing updated equipment and professional development. Ultimately,
we hope to enable our teachers to develop a curriculum which includes skills students will need
for the 21st Century and beyond.

Current Uses of Technology Throughout the Curriculum
  • No primary computer teacher – rather, multiple cross-curricular teachers
  • Experiments with incorporating computer instruction into other core classes (into science class throughout LS, into all classes in MS)
  • LS science webquests
MS instruction:
  • PowerPoint in science, Civics, and English
  • Google tools in Civics and English
  • Video and sound clips in Spanish, English, Civics
  • Online layout programs, digital photos, scanning photos in Yearbook Club
  • Experimentation with Glogster project in Advisory
  • Wikis and blogs in English
  • Use of Blue Zones website/blog in social studies
  • Online manipulatives in math
  • Will use iPods and podcasts in Spanish before end of 2008-2009 school year
  • Internet searches, word processing in all classes
Friends School Mullica Hill Technology Initiatives 2009
1. Form a Technology Exploration and Cheerleading Committee (TECC) to continue to spark tech. learning
2. Evaluate and provide a wish list for technology equipment.
3. Evaluate faculty’s computer literacy and develop Web 2.0 tools and basic skills workshops that will progress the faculty members at their individual literacy stages.
4. Provide faculty support for posting blogs on teacher pages on our new school website.
5. Develop a new Accepted Use Policy (AUP) that addresses social networking.
6. Update the technology curriculum to include social networking skill and Web 2.0 tools.
7. Create a Virtual Learning Community (VLC) for Leadership Team

2008-2009 Classroom Pilot Projects

During the 2009-2010 school year, a committee will be formed to update the curriculum to include the 21st Century skills/tools and to record the activities/projects of each grade level.Eval_pic.jpg

1. In June 2010, teachers will self-assess their computer literacy and evaluate their progress since the February 2009 assessment.
2. Teachers will share their projects/actvities in division meetings and full faculty meetings.
3. The PLP team members as mentors will provide feedback to their colleagues