Baldwin ADVIS/PLP Cohort

Team Leader/Fellow:
Jan Patton, Dir., Information Services

Preston Bannard, Latin/History Teacher
Brie Daley, 2nd Grade Teacher
Linda Mullen, LS Academic Technology
David Anderson, Network Administrator

PLP has given us the platform from which we will instruct, implement and empower faculty at the Baldwin School.

The projects developed by our team were both presentational (created by students) and representational (instructional “how tos” for faculty use). Through a Professional Development wiki http://baldwinfaculty.wikispaces.com/ , we are setting the digital stage for dialog on projects that are being done at Baldwin, along with instructions. Also, there is a link to a follow up discussion to an In-service on differentiated instruction, with more topics to come. We felt that truly, the best way to learn is to teach…and so, we have explored the various Web 2.0 technologies ourselves and now wish to implement them by empowering faculty…through this instructional and informative wiki. After doing a needs assessment, we will also be offering before school classes (Tech Tuesdays) as hands on sessions for the Web 2.0 programs.