1. Have a half day once a month for professional development – or use an assembly time where non-teachers could proctor. Teachers proctoring for each other during training times
2. Extend the school year for faculty
3. Paid summer retreat – an hour to a day
4. Professional development – a full In-Service day to work on adding tech
a. Posing the question, “How do you want to teach writing better?” as the hook
b. Partnering with other teachers
c. Present new ideas to each other

Professional/Faculty Resistance

1. Mentoring
a. Assign a PLP mentor, who is known, to one or two teachers to build trust
b. PLP mentor can offer afterschool/professional day/morning meeting seminar, open to all faculty, to introduce Web 2.0 tools
2. Building Understanding
a. Dedicate time to learning one new thing per semester
b. Practice a new skill
c. Asking teachers to take an existing project and redesign with one new skill
3. Incentives
a. Free lunch
b. Reduced duties
4. Accountability/Evaluation/Assessment
a. Set an expectation that every faculty member will incorporate one new tool
b. Ask questions about Web 2.0 during hiring
5. Share and Celebrate
a. Show examples of success
b. Showcase what is working for teachers
c. Connect people inside and outside the institution


o Build trust to encourage risk taking
o Celebrate successes of faculty and students
o Make time for play in order to build a positive community/non technological activities (bowling, art etc.) - idea is to establish relationships for working together
o Find the fun in learning and exploring
o Redefine outcomes, the process of learning is equally as important as the end result
o Develop mentoring relationships
o Provide opportunity for communication and collaboration