of Notre Dame PLP Project Plan

Who We Are
Five Member Academy of Notre Dame team:
Elizabeth Collins - English
Anthony DiGregorio - Manager of Information Systems
Emily Giannantonio - Science
Ellen Hildenbrand – Religion
Michael Westfort – Director of Information Services, Team Leader

Year One: 2008-2009 ADVIS Cohort for PLP

What We Did
1. We met on a regular basis every other week.
2. With respect to time and busy schedules, we decided to focus our investigation on Google’s Web 2.0 tools: docs, notebook, reader, video and chat, earth - 3D and street view, iGoogle, blogs. We also explored Glogster, Animoto, Wikispaces, Twitter.
3. The PLP project has become an integral piece of the Technology Committee to address campus-wide technology planning and to define and develop a faculty technology learning program. The program aims to provide faculty with an ongoing opportunity to learn and use Web 2.0 technologies.

What We Plan to Do
Develop a faculty professional development program that focuses on new and emerging Web 2.0 technologies.
Title: What Is Your Dream?

What is your dream asks faculty members what they would like to do in their classes to make them more engaging, fulfilling, and exciting. Would they like to connect with students at other schools or in other parts of the world? Would they like to provide collaborative projects for their classes? What is their dream for their classes? Which Web 2.0 tools are they interested in? Their answers will define our search for those technologies that will meet their needs.

  • Grow the number of faculty who investigate and utilize Web 2.0 technologies
  • Develop faculty members’ understanding of the technology shift in education that Web 2.0 is enabling
  • Help teachers use these technologies in their classes and teaching
  • Build ongoing engagement and use of these technologies in the curriculum
  • Foster commitment across the community to embrace new and emerging Web 2.0 technologies

Year Two: 2009-2010

Exponentially Growing Our PLP Team “Dream Team 2.0”

Summer/Fall 2009

Our project will solicit five faculty members who will be paired up with a member of the PLP team to develop a technology integration project. This Dream Team of ten will work together to integrate specific technology applications into their fall 2009 classes.

Spring 2010

At the end of the fall 2009 semester, ten new faculty members will be paired up with the ten Dream Team members to repeat this process for the spring 2010 semester. A technology fair will be held at the end of the year to showcase what these twenty team members are doing.

Summer 2010

These twenty individuals will conduct a professional development technology integration summer camp in 2010 with twenty new faculty members which will bring our Dream Team to forty members. We will further enhance our efforts by developing ways to build the technology learning program into the regular schedule.